The Gig Economy is here, are you ready?

Work From Home- Content writing.

The gig economy is here to stay. You buy anything online and pay for it online. By this time, actually, post CoVid-19 times have taught us this one point very much.

You don’t need to shop at a physical store. Because, you can order from a website or app.

You can ride to places using UBER or OLA cabs and pay. So, you don’t need to own a car.

Similarly, you can order a gig at market places like Upwork, Fiverr and get your website designed. You need not build it alone.

This is the GIG economy. When almost every work is deployed and done online, one thing is very clear. We need more CONTENT! We need Content Creators who can weave magic with stories.

One job that is in much demand is content creation. Content writing is one of the core components of Digital Marketing.

Gig Economy & Content Creation

This article is about gig economy and how you can earn with content writing from the comfort of your home. TCC had published an article on remote working or working from home some time back in 2019. We had seen how there was an up-trend of working from home already! Even before the CoVid-19 pandemic.

Are you an average writer? Or someone who can create magic with words? Or are you someone looking to make some extra bucks? Maybe you are someone looking for a job?

What if I told you that you can earn money by writing in the comfort of your home?

Did I just hear a gasp? Is your face shaped in dismay?

Whether you are someone who is looking for some pocket money or someone interested in earning money through your proficiency of words, ‘Digital Marketing’ is the perfect path.

Digital Marketing is a component of marketing that utilizes online-based digital technologies ex: – computers, mobiles, etc. to promote products and services. It is a new generation method of earning money from your home. Also, it paves the way to work with people or companies around the globe.

Digital marketing has created a ‘Gig Economy’ with the aid of Information Technology Enabled Service aka ‘ITES’.

Did those words unhinge your mind?

Allow me to explain…Let us start with ITES.

Content Writing is an IT Enabled Service?

Information Technology Enabled Services, are the outsourcing of processes that can be enabled with Information Technology and it covers multifarious areas. These services open the door to a wide range of career options such as Content Development, Coding, Logistic Management, Digital Marketing, Finance, TeleCaller service, Virtual Office etc.

As a content writer myself for 5 years now, I would like to talk about Content Writing as an IT-enabled service. With a good internet connection and computer, you can access or be a part of ITES and consequently make a living by offering your services in the Gig Economy.

But you may ask, ‘I do not own a computer, what I shall do then?’  Let me put your mind at ease; the device in your hands that you hold onto as a dear one- your precious Mobile will do the trick. You can access and apply to jobs around the globe with a touch on your mobile screen.

What is a ‘Gig Economy’?

A Gig Economy is a free labour market system characterized by the prevalence of temporary positions as opposed to permanent jobs. In the Gig Economy organizations hire independent or freelance workers for a short term or contract-based commitments.

‘Gig’ is a slang word for work. And Gig Economy is an ever-growing digital market where you can find jobs or post your work. It is similar to a freelance project-based work but you do not have to see your clients or customers in person.

Sites such as,,, are gig sites where you can find works or post your services needed. You only have to pay for the services if and only if you are satisfied with the services or work. And if you are seeking a job you will be paid according to your content delivered. Through gig websites, you can find jobs in Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Voice-Over artistes, Jingle Creators, Music Directors, Web Designers, etc.

The predecessors of Gig Economy are,, etc. where people upload their bio-data in search of permanent jobs in contrast to temporary or project-based works available in different gig websites.    Even if you are living in India, you can find a job in any International Company and get paid in international currency. Do not forget to ask for a good rating from your clientele. Prompt and quality contents will help you to increase your rating on the particular gig websites. More rating translates to more work and more work to more money.

Can homemakers find a ‘Gig’?

Am I too old in seeking a job? Can a housewife get a part-time job?

Several questions like such would be swimming in your mind!

What if I tell you that you can find a job irrespective of your age, gender, etc.? What if I tell you that you will be fairly paid and all you have to do is to walk from your bed to your working table in the corner of your room?

Yes, indeed, you heard me true!

All you have to say is the magic word ‘Gig Economy’!

The Gig economy is the perfect place for homemakers to find ‘Gigs’. You can take works at your pace and earn money from the comfort of your home.

I know several homemaker friends who take graphic designing Gigs from I mostly take content writing work from my website as well as through social media platforms viz. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

All you have to do is register to any of the gig economy sites and start taking works. Your prompt and quality content will help you to get a good rating. And the good rating is the beacon of getting numerous clients.

Content writing in the Gig Economy world

Globally every year there are sales of approximately 3.5 trillion dollars (or 3.5 Lac crore dollars).  In other words, everyday expenditure on digital and social media marketing is 1000 crore dollars.

And how does the content writing have a role in this?

All these business enterprises need Content especially marketing content to post on their websites and social media platforms. Basic knowledge of digital marketing and proficiency in languages mostly English can help you to earn money from home.

Even there is a demand for regional language content writers. Recently, I got the opportunity to write a center page article story for the leading Malayalam Magazine ‘Grihalakshmi’. Sadly, even after 4 months, they are yet to pay me! This won’t happen if you source works via the market place mentioned above.

Do you wish to learn Content Writing? Then do fill out this form and you can join my next FREE WEBINAR SESSION on content writing. Before you learn about content writing, you need to have a birds-eye view of the whole digital marketing landscape.

Wish to learn Digital Marketing?

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There are free 25 video classes available and you can learn the basics of Digital Marketing through your mobile phone. If you are interested to learn more about Digital Marketing you can of course subscribe to the paid courses.

You do not have to search for work in this Gig Economy Era. The work comes searching for you and it is only one touch away. All you need is to hone your language proficiency, learn the fundamentals to navigate through the Digital Marketing landscape, select an area of expertise and unleash your magic.

I have been learning digital marketing from many places and people since 2015. Since content writing was my forte, I wanted to learn more about its application in digital marketing. Digital Deepak Internship Training aka DDIP: The latest training (ongoing 10th week) that I undertook is by DDIP where I am in the batch-4. So, if you wish to join the next batch of DDIP, then you can do so by clicking on my affiliate link.

I will be writing a full-fledged article on my learning experience at DDIP soon.

Content by fellow Content Creator

If you are a scrum developer, here is a great blog by a fellow digital marketer and my DDIP batchmate. Content writing per se may not require a scrum framework. But if you are a member of a large digital marketing team, then knowing this framework would be beneficial.

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