Reliable Site hosting providers – GoDaddy vs Siteground

When choosing a good service provider for starters and novices, GoDaddy has for sure captured the Indian Market with their TV-ad campaign – It’s your RIGHT to take your business online!!

So, is it true that GD is the best hosting provider for Indian businesses to harness their online presence?

M.S Dhoni (eminent Cricketer) has convinced the Indians GoDaddy is one of the best available hosting and Domain provider in India. A massive campaign by GoDaddy where MS presented GD for small and large businesses, was featured in many Indian TV channels as well as YouTube channel ads. While writing this article MS is still the cover page diva of website.

I have used Godaddy as well as SiteGround.

Let me share my opinion & my experience after using two service providers. With both, I have used the cheapest available option for beginner websites.

1.SSL certificate is not freeFree SSL certificate
2.Not clear instructionsClear instructions and interface
3.CPanel controlNo cPanel, but very intutive interface
4.Email setup is chargeable unless you want to use cPanel emailcPanel email + email forwarders available free of cost
5.Not costlyExpensive after 1st year onwards

All said and done guess where this website is sitting?


So am I planning to move this site to SiteGround?

Convenience Vs Cost in 1st year

No, this is my very first site ever owned by me. So it is dearer to me and I would like to remain it here itself for purely emotional reasons. But those newer websites that I make in the future would definitely be on SiteGround. Reason? Convenience!

Cost Vs Convenience in the 2nd year

Siteground offers and extremely attractive onboarding price. It is good to go for 1 full year. But after that, there is a 100% increase in the cost. So, if you compare Cost Vs Convenience after the 1st year is over, then I would say, we have to give it to Godaddy for their amazing offers. So reasonable and not disturbingly high valued after the end of 1st year.

So, the winner of first year is SiteGround.

And, the winner thereafter is ….

Godaddy !!!

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