Here are the world’s top 5 killer content writing apps to make your writing job easier.

Every app mentioned here, have stood the test of time and hence are stable, much sought after tools for writers and by writers. I am sure these can help you become a better, sharper, and a major writer.

Let’s get straight into those 5 Killer Content Writing Apps.

GBOARD – Voice to Text App

The one app that can save a lot of your time. Just say it, GBOARD will convert your voice to text.

Gboard voice to text app
Google’s number one voice to text app – Gboard voice to text app

Gboard is Google’s official keyboard. It has a lot of basic features like auto-correction, multilingual typing, and voice to text typing. GBOARD works across multiple devices and apps. That means, if you have Gboard on your mobile phone, then you can input text as voice which is converted to text. You can also use the Gboard feature on every app where you can input text. For example, email apps, note-taking apps, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.

Gboard allows you input the text as voice, this is the most important feature that allows writers to simply VOICE their content. GBOARD also allows text input by handwriting, or by sliding your finger from one letter to another. We are not dealing with these other aspects. We only concentrate on the voice-to-text aspect here in this article.

So what does this mean?

This means – you don’t have to sit in front of the computer to start making content. If you don’t have typing skills, or your typing speed is slow, then don’t fret!

Install GBoard on your phone and start speaking into it and make the content as and when a spontaneous idea strikes you.

Here is what you should do:

  • Install GBOARD from google play store
  • Open your google doc or memo or notes on your phone.
  • Simply tap on the microphone icon in the top-right corner of the text input area. Then speak what you want clearly and slowly. You can see the text being generated automatically live while you speak.
  • If there are errors, pause to correct the mistakes and repeat the process. It’s an automatic process, and thanks to Google’s top-notch voice recognizing systems, it’s amazingly accurate too.
  • Gboard also permits you to find and add emojis, GIFs from the search results. This should add a bit of sauce and tanginess to your text.
  • Many Indian languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada also can be used with GBOARD. Isn’t that amazing?

Check out this video by Renjini Narendranath demonstrating voice to text for Malayalam using Gboard on Samsung Phone on Whatsapp.

One of the excellent features of Gboard is the capability to switch between various languages with just one long tap. Gboard has a personal dictionary feature in which you can append new words and their full forms. When you want to enter an abbreviated word, Gboard won’t expand the word automatically. GBOARD will show the expanded word in the Gboard bar and you have to tap the corresponding word to insert. You can search the whole internet directly from your keyboard. The best part is that it’s totally free to use with no in-app ads.

Check out this blog to get more insight on the many faceted functions of Gboard

Let us check out the 2nd tool among the 5 Killer Content Writing Apps.

GOOGLE TRANSLITERATION – Tool for Typing in Malayalam

This plugin gives complete language transliteration assistance for your text in any regional language like for example, Malayalam. You can use this text to be copy-pasted to WordPress blogs or to email or even to your Microsoft word document. You can type in English and the text appears in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, and many other languages using google transliteration API. If you speak a vernacular language like Hindi or Malayalam, then head on to the typing tools of Google.

Here you can start typing the content and cut-paste it to anywhere- social media, SMS, brochure, CANVA ( a poster making tool), etc. This tool from Google is based on a dictionary-based phonetic transliteration approach, ie it supports fuzzy phonetic mapping. You just type in your best guess of pronunciation in Latin letters and transliteration pairs it with the best suggestions of its original word. As users do not require to remember the transliteration scheme, the service is so straight forward  & simple for total beginners.

Some specialties include rich text editing, font selection, dictionary lookup and a character picker. Also, you can go directly to your supported language by adding the desired language name to the URL.  For example, 




CANVA – Online Tool for Visual Graphics and Infographics

Canva is a design app for non-designers and professionals alike. If you’re a blogger or writer on a small budget, you can design images for your posts and even book covers for free or for just a few dollars. Canva is an amazing, powerful free online tool to help create beautiful visual graphics, infographics, posters, and photos with branded logos.

Just put them all together and make your social media post come live. It consists of hundreds of templates, picture and illustration assets, and dozens of fonts and text stylings which is great for sharing on social media or on your blog. 

Being a writer, we have to create images for our work, whether that’s a cover photo for a blog post or a graphic to advertise our book on social media. 

The free version of Canva provides a large library of images, icons, layouts, text styles, and shapes for you to use, and allows you to upload your own graphics, while their premium plan offers even more design resources. Once you’ve chosen your template or layout, you can use their  graphics resource library to  drag-and-drop elements, add or edit text, and adjust settings like font, color, image filters, and opacity to make your graphic. Canva’s drag and drop interface is easy to use and makes graphic design simple yet elegant. Head on to It’s amazing what you can create with it.

Here is a short video in Malayalam explaining how to design killer posters or flyers that could be made easily within minutes.

GRAMMARLY – Checks Grammar and Spelling

Awesome free tool for spelling suggestions and grammar correction. You will fall in love with the amount of work this tool eases for your content requirement. It seamlessly integrates with Gmail. Besides working as an integration, you can get Grammarly as an add-in for your MS Word. Grammarly currently works on Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin, and many other sites. Grammarly’s free writing app makes sure everything you type is effective, spelling corrected and grammar checked. 

Usually, we are stuck in our ideas and find difficulty to get the right word for the thoughts we desire to express. In such situations, when we type a sentence or a phrase Grammarly suggests you words that have the same meaning. The main purpose of Grammarly is to examine a document and assist you to fix issues related to spelling, content organization, expression, mechanical accuracy, grammar, and structure, to mention but a few. You can get the Grammarly extension for chrome which will monitor everything you type into your browser and then you never have to send a poorly written email/social media post to your readers hereafter. Get this wonder tool here:

PSST ... This blog article has been checked by GRAMMARLY !!

If you choose to go with the Premium version, Grammarly checks your content for additional writing issues. For example, your word choice, missing prepositions, and lengthy  sentences. You can also access the  plagiarism checker and human proofreading options.

GOOGLE DOCS – Write, Store, Share with World

Google Docs is the best online content writing app available. The best part of google docs is that it is made entirely free to users and the users only just need ownership of a Gmail account (which is also free) to gain access. You can write and edit the text as plain or in an excel sheet. Edit using suggestion option where different layers are used to show the editorial portion. 

The Google Docs comes as part of G Suite and also as word-processing software, it’s easy to use and runs on computer browsers, phones and tabs. It permits multiple users to collaborate on the same document in real-time, working on writing or editing with everyone being kept in the loop of what went where. Each user can leave comments on the document which is excellent for making clarifications or requesting changes during the writing process. It allows you to see the complete document history and the particular changes every user has made to the document.

Google Drive is also used for cloud storage to back up our writing, notes, source files, images, writing prompts and more so that we can access our works on the go using the mobile app.

The apps and tools listed above will not only make your content relevant but also open new and exciting venues for content creation. 

Hope you like and find value in these 5 Killer Content Writing Apps. Do let us know your thoughts and concerns about these tools.

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